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Mrs. Knostman

What is your favorite board game?
My daughter and I love board games! Currently our favorite game is Settlers of Catan! I love that you can change the board every time you play. My mom saved most of my board games growing up, so I play Monopoly, Pay Day, Life and Clue all of the time with both of my kids. We are also big card players. We never leave home without a deck of cards!

What is the funniest thing a student has ever said to you?
Hmmmm…. so many to chose from, here are a few that stick in my mind. A child eagerly answered, "The Cauliflower" as the name of the pilgrim's boat. Another time, I was trying to get my students to come up with the word juvenile. I asked the class if they knew the name of a jail for kids. I was hoping this would lead them to the term Juvenile Hall. Instead, one child answered, “Time Out.” It was such a sweet response, it made me smile. Just this year one of my students made me giggle when he said, “I never take the stairs. They are always UP to something!”

What is your hometown?
I am happy to say that I was born and raised in Denver, (yes us Colorado natives do exist). I graduated from Manual High School and I went To college at CU Boulder. I did try to live in Seattle for a couple of years, but I missed that Colorado Sunshine.

What is your favorite noise?
I love the sound of ski boots walking in the snow. That telltale squeak squeak means a fun day on the slopes lies ahead!

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